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Are you currently suffering from a cold or winter blue?

The human body changes as the seasons transitioned. In traditional Chinese Medicine, we believe that all beings grow in the Spring, thrive in the Summer, harvest in the Fall and gather in the Winter. From the health perspective, the harvest and collection in Fall and Winter is an important concept for your internal Yang Qi. The lack of Yang Qi on your body surface makes you defenceless from the cold and humidity, resulting in frequent bouts of cold and flu.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Accupuncture help increasing your Wei Qi and Yang Qi for cold prevention.

If you already contracted the cold, Acupuncture may help boosting your immune system function and hastening your recovery. The human body constitution tends to lean towards the colder spectrum in the modern society, attracting cold and resulting in energy flow blockage in the body. This may lead to muscle soreness, joint pain, frequent bouts of cold, dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, malaise, depression and anxiety. Traditional Chinese Medicine helps to alter your body constitution, boost your immune system function, improving your nervous system and endocrine system function.

Christmas season is coming! Are you suffering Christmas stress?

In traditional Chinese medicine concept, mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are resulted from liver Qi stagnation that leads to poor blood circulation. If you suffer from long term mental health issues, the Qi stagnation may lead to certain physical symptoms such as headache, neck pain, chest tightness, heart palpitations, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation. Chinese medicine acupuncture may help draining excessive liver Qi and adjusting the blood circulation, and subsequently balancing the Yin and Yang of Qi and blood circulation.

The patency of the human body is like a road without the traffic jam. All organs and tissues can be adequately replenished with oxygen and nutrients. The metabolic waste from various tissues and organs can also be delivered and eliminated smoothly. In other words, the body possesses good detoxification functions. As a result, all tissues and organs will function well without the poisoning of metabolic toxins. Therefore, how can the body be unhealthy? How can one feel unpleasant? Acupuncture is a good natural remedy for anxiety and depression, which can help releasing stress.

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